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  • Male Success Mood Maker

  • Product description
    Successful men have a preference for successful products. Success in love can be achieved through romance, self-confidence and good sex. The products in the Male Success product line are specially made for men who strive for a successful relationship. Male Success Mood Maker is an liquid aphrodisiac, known as spanish fly, for more confidence and romance.

    Ingredients per 3.3 ml
    Pine Pollen Tincture Complex (1.46 ml), Pine Pollen Tincture (0.23 ml), Cupressus Sempervirens Tincture (1.1 ml), Serenoa Repens (Sabal) Tincture (0.53 ml). Total: 81.3 mg. Excipients: Alcohol (Ethanol) (58%), Spring Water (30%), Seawater Plasma (0.22%), Water (5.27%).

    Suggested use
    Before swallowing, take 1 to 3 teaspoons under the tongue, 30 minutes before the activity starts. Do not use more than 3 teaspoons per 24 hours.

    Target group
    Men (18+)


    Box with bottle of 10 ml liquid

    10 milliliters

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    VAT: 21%