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  • Vuel Omega 3 Forte

  • Product description
    Vuel Omega 3 Forte contains EPA and DHA. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are good for the heart. DHA is also good for brain function and vision, at a dose of two softgels per day. There is 500 mg of EPA and DHA in one softgel, extracted from sustainable fish and 100% natural.

    Ingredients per softgel
    Fish oil 18/12 EPA/DHA (500 mg), Natural Vitamin E 67% (D-alpha tocopherol) (15 mg). Excipients: Gelatin, E422.

    Suggested use
    Take 1 or 2 softgels daily with sufficient water. Do not exceed this daily dose.

    Target group
    Men and women (18+)


    Bag with 30 softgels

    21.6 grams

    MSRP: € 10.90
    VAT: 9%