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  • Lucifers Fire Jelly Sticks

  • Product description
    Lucifers Fire Jelly Sticks is formulated to stimulate the sexual desire of women.

    Ingredients per stick of 10 ml
    Ginkgo Biloba (10 mg), Muira Puama (10 mg), Maca Root (10 mg). Excipients: Lemon Flavor, E202, E211, E330, E415, E955, E967, Water to q.s.

    Suggested use
    Take 1 sachet before sexual activity. Do not take more than 2 sachets a day.

    Target group
    Women (18+)


    Box with 5 sachets of 10 ml jelly

    50 milliliters

    MSRP: € 24.95
    VAT: 21%