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  • Devils Candy Devil Tears

  • Product description
    Devils Candy Devil Tears can be added in mixed drinks to enhance the sexual mood.

    Ingredients per 50 ml
    Water, L-Arginine (648 mg**), Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) (240 mg, 300%*). Preservatives: E211, E202. *RI = Referenctie Intake **RI not established.

    Suggested use
    Mix 50 ml with a drink. Plus minus 30 minutes after ingestion sexually enhancing mood. The liquid contains almost no taste or odor. Do not exceed this daily dose. For people over 18 years old. Do not use during pregnancy or breast feeding.

    Target group
    Men and women (18+)


    Box with bottle of 100 ml liquid

    100 milliliters