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  • Male XL

  • For natural penis enlargement.

    Product description:
    Male XL is the ultimate sex booster for men! Male XL has a very powerful multiple effect. Among other things, it supports a natural penis enlargement, stimulates erection and sperm production and improves sex performance considerably!

    Calcium Oyster Shell Carbonate, L-Arginine, Muira Puama, Fenusterols™ Fenugreek> 50% steroidal saponins, Ashwaganda Withania Somnifera> 7% withanolides. 0.25%
    Withaferi, Zinc Monomethionine 18-22% Zn, MCC, Dicalcium phosphate, Cotton Seed Oil, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate (vegetable).

    Suggested use:
    Take 2 tablets daily for at least one month.

    Target group: Men (18+)

    Allergens: Corn

    Packaging: Pot with 60 tablets

    Contents: 64 grams

    MSRP: € 29,95
    BTW: 21%