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  • Supertan/Tanfaster

  • Accelerate the tanning process.

    Product description:
    Supertan naturally accelerates the tanning process by sun or sun bed. Supertan not only accelerates the tanning process, but will also give you a smooth and even tan.

    L-Tyrosine, PABA (para amino acid benzoic acid), Vitamin B6 (as pyioxin), copper (as amino acid chelate), magnesium (as gluconate), E170, E341, E460, E470, E551.

    Suggested use:
    Take 2 tablets daily, consume with plenty of water. Use during a period when you are sunbathing a lot or follow a tanning treatment. Use for at least one complete cycle of a month.

    Target group: Men and women (18+)

    Allergens: Unknown

    Packaging: Pot with 60 tablets

    Contents: 55 grams

    MSRP: € 25.00
    VAT: 9%