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Private label

Morningstar Pharma's private label manufacturing capabilities provide you with opportunities to market your own brand, delivered exclusively through your own sales channels. With many years of experience in producing high quality food supplements and developing exclusive brands, we can help you realize your wishes.

Benefits of private label

There are no production costs for your business, because we deliver a final product that is already tested and ready to sell. All we need is a name and design to finish the branding.

A company that trades consumer products under private label is legally equated with the manufacturer of the product. This is regulated in Article 6:187 of the Civil Code (regarding product liability). This provision also defines as producer "anyone who presents himself as a producer by affixing his name, brand or other distinguishing sign to the product". The Commodities Act Decree on general product safety.

Private label support

Your company implements its own food safety plan with the necessary certificates that we supply.
- Product Certificates
- Certificate of Analysis
- Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
- Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
- Declaration of Conformity

These are just a few of the many products we can realize for your own brand. Contact us for more information about private label opportunities.